New Year, New Opportunities

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been asked to be a contributor to I’ve long admired their work, and am pleased to join a team of writers and editors who are committed to helping improve how medical research is promoted in news releases, written about by journalists and understood by the public. The ultimate goal: more educated health consumers who don’t fall prey to “miracle” cures or set their hopes on”groundbreaking” discoveries that are sure to “revolutionize” care–yet have only been tested in mice.

To that end: Here’s my first blog post:

‘Clinically proven’ ear plugs for migraines make news headlines, with little evidence they work

Do you have migraine attacks?

Use a $12 over-the-counter ear plug-type device called MigraineX, a recent news release insisted, and you’ll experience an 81% improvement in weather-related migraine headaches.

Some news organizations took the PR bait.

Read the full post.  And feel free to comment.


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