About That New Migraine Drug

I am one of the millions of Americans who suffer from migraine attacks. I’m also one of the millions of Americans who has tried a wide array of medication that are supposed to help prevent these attacks from occurring or stop them as they are starting.  GettyImages-681797068-300x270My friends and family are well aware of the impact my migraines–and the side effects of the drugs I take to prevent them–have had and continue to have on my quality of life (and, by extension, on them as well). So, not too surprisingly, they were eager to tell me about this great new drug they had read about that would surely end my pain.

Also not too surprisingly, the pharma hype they heard about this new drug, Aimovig, far exceeds its benefits. As the title of this story review I wrote for HealthNewsReview about an NBC article that covered the drug’s approval explains, decreasing migraine frequency by 50 percent sounds great–until you read the fine print.

You can read my full review here.


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